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His name’s Ed and he’s SO CUTE!

Photos by ©Ed

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I did this print as part of the upcoming charity auction ” Bras for a Cause”. Check out more information here:

It’s Wonder Woman and her pet Kanga named Jumpa! Seriously…. I’m not kidding you!
This is cannon in the comics! : )

The amazons used them for short burst of space travel! Man Wonder Woman just gets cooler, and cooler! : )

Oh, what a fantastic call back!!

And very, very cute.

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Wonder woman!! #art #artoftheday #watercolor #gouache #APE2014

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Ultimate Spider-Man - The Next Iron Spider

Squirrel Girl

The most powerful character in the whole Marvel universe

She is totally something that CAN stop the Juggernaut <3

And Doctor Doom and Thanos, I am not kidding.

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Dennis is sick of the Gang’s shit. S7E9: The Gang Gets Trapped.
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I got this stinker trying to get into the towel area. But she’s just so cute. #dawndacat #cats